About Heather Blackmore…

Over the years Heather Blackmore has amassed 3,000 hours of practice coaching clients from all walks of life. She has a passion for working with people with ADHD symptoms or those who want to learn how to hone their executive functioning and master the art of ‘Deep Work’ – an essential skill for anyone who wants to leave a meaningful legacy in terms of creativity or leadership.

Today, she works exclusively with executives, entrepreneurs and creatives. Many of her clients acknowledge that their neurodiversity, when harnessed correctly, has given them an edge over their competitors.

Her personal experience of ADHD, has given her an inbuilt ‘ADHD lens’ which allows her to empathise with her clients. Supporting ADHD clients to see themselves through that lens is often the key for clients to discovering self-understanding, self-compassion and confidence as they learn about (and maybe even come to appreciate) their unique brain-wiring.

"I have witnessed over and over again how a series of small changes that a client succeeds in maintaining consistently, can result in lasting positive change, impacting not just themselves, but also the people who live and work with them." 

-Heather Blackmore 

A Bespoke Approach

The key thing that Heather has learned over the years is that every client has a different version of ADHD. The majority of her coaching clients since 2007 have had ADHD symptoms in common. In addition, many of her clients have had a second or even third diagnosis in terms of neurodiversity - often dyslexia or ASD and occasionally Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia or Dyscalculia. It is also common for her clients, especially for those diagnosed later in life, to have experienced depression and or anxiety at some stage in their lifetime.  She understands how crucial it is for both coach and client to get to know how the client’s unique version of ADHD shows up and how important it is to take any additional diagnoses, learning difficulties or co-existing conditions into account when co-designing the coaching process. 

Relevant Experience and Qualifications

Heather has been learning about ADHD for over 20 years and continues to feed her intense curiosity around Neurodiversity by consistently engaging in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to better support her clients. 

She returned to college in her 30s to complete an honours business degree and she brings over 30 years of business experience to her coaching having worked in a variety of roles in media, hospitality, food, fashion, education, legal, property development and the creative arts across her career.

By the time she was diagnosed with ADHD at 45, she had already completed her certificate in Coaching Skills with Coaching Development Ltd London and set up her practice. She went on to graduate from the New York based ADD Coach Academy’s Advanced Professional ADHD Coach Training programme.  Heather is currently a student on ADDCA's family coaching programme.  She intends to apply her learnings from that training to the work she does within family-owned or entrepreneur-led companies where key executives have ADHD (and/or some other form of Neurodiversity) and their neurodivergent traits impact the dynamic in the C-suite where there may be multiple members of the family who set up or own the business working together. 

While many of the instinctive feelings and insights that drive her decisions as she works with clients are informed by her practice experience, she attributes her confidence in ‘trusting her gut’ to her mBIT coach training at Rogers Training. 

Heather considers herself very fortunate to have experienced working as an ADHD coach within a multi-disciplinary team at St. Patrick’s University Hospital, which sadly now no longer exists.

Vision for the future

Heather is committed to ethical practice and sees engaging in regular supervision as being critical for any coach who specialises in working with Neurodiversity.

She recently embarked on the Diploma in Reflective Practice and Supervision offered by Coaching Development Ltd, London and has enjoyed experiencing how her learning has shaped her coaching.  Heather allocates a limited number of her practice hours to coach supervision.  

"My dream is that ADHD coaching will be made available as a standard option within public services  around the world for Adults with ADHD in the future." 

-Heather Blackmore


Awards and Credentials

  • ICF Ireland Coach of the Year 2022
  • ICF Ireland Health & Wellness Coach of the Year 2016
  • ICF Professional Certified Coach




Professional Memberships

  • Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) & holds Professional Certified Coach Credential
  • Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • Member of the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC)
  • Member of the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO)
  • Member of the World Federation of ADHD (adhd-federation.org)



  • ADD Coach Academy | Professional ADDCA Coach Graduate
  • ACE Coach Accelerator | Executive Coach Training
  • TUS | Honors Business Degree
  • Irish Learning and Development Institute | Full Member
    • Train the Trainer, Communications, Group Work Theory and Practice